Aug 15, 2008

Swedish superiority

Words from a high level Swedish civil servant of the European Commission, having lived in Brussels for the last 11 years :
"Belgium, in terms of development, is 50 years behind Sweden"
Me : "Do you seriously think that ? 50 years is a lot. As a high-level European civil servant, you should better consider other EU members, it's important to integrate, no ?"
She : "We can't integrate with such backward people !"

I checked the Human Development Index (defined by United Nations) for Sweden : It is 0.956, which puts Sweden in 6th position of the world nations behind Ireland. Belgium gets 0.946, which places it in 16th position, ahead of Luxembourg, New-Zealand, Italy, Hong-Kong and...Germany !
If 1/100th of a point mean 50 years backward, then Germany is around 150 years backward behind Sweden, which is well known...
I'm not sure the United Nations Index accounts for stupidity, though...
Hail EU integration ! With such xenophobic civil-servants, we're guaranteed to progress !

I have never heard so many national stereotypes and European internecine xenophobic declarations than since I reside in Brussels. And often from the very mouth of those who are lavishly paid to moderate them. My arms just fall. As a European expatriate used to work and live among other europeans, I am deeply shocked and I demand sanctions against EU civil servants who preach anti-European rhetoric !
With the imminent secession of Belgium on top, Brussels, with its bars and pubs filled with anti-EU propaganda from British far-right UKIP, is becoming shameful to the European integration. At a time when, after Yugoslavia, a new war is raging in Europe, Brussels and Belgium, but also many other EU members, dominated by xenophobia and anti-european feelings, are proving to the world, that no concord is possible between peoples. The very negation of the principles on which EU was based by its founding fathers : Franco-German reconciliation and the renunciation to war and hatred. I'm disgusted !

As for Sweden, I'm not surprised anymore at the progress of its own racist far-right that victimizes the Sami from Lapland.
I had already noticed in the past, through talking with Swedes, though they are great lecturers to others on human rights and tolerance, that the Sami question is absolutely off-limit to them. The very subject is taboo to Swedes. The very mentioning or enquiring about the question instantly triggers their wrath.
In the past, Swedes enjoyed looking down on Finns who they considered inferior. People have the Jews that they can...

And I'm constantly being told here that the French are chauvinists...
France, which is in 10th position on the human development index, so only 40 years backward behind those far superior Swedish gods, according to this well-advised civil servant.
France that remains, paradoxically, one of the most pro-european integration EU member and one of its most active builders.
Vive la France !

Aug 13, 2008

European parliament ceiling collapses

it's actually a metaphor of current EU affairs : paralysis leads to decay. Paralysis in integration of EU defense leads to invasion of Georgia by Russia. Paralysis in adoption of Lisbon treaty leads to mayhem of EU diplomacy, reducing the EU to messenger.
It's high time the house be cleaned.

Aug 12, 2008

Silly european tribalism

This is getting really ridiculous ! So 27 000 inhabitants from Aland are going to seek veto and representation in the EU ? What about Paris with 10 Million ? What about Brittany with 3.5 million ? What about my hometown and Brittany's capital city of 250 000 ? What about all its individual surrounding villages, larger than Aland ?
How ridicule are we europeans going to be when a WAR is currently raging in Georgia on which EU is unable to weigh any influence for lack of unity ?
And I can't buy property or own a business on their tiny islands ?!? And you tell me they're part of EU nevertheless ? What is that contradiction with the very principles of the EU ?
Just fucking kick the rednecks and all these hillbillies out !
As for Finland, they should as well kick them out of Finland as well and get a rest.

Aug 10, 2008

Asserting EU

Latest news suggest that the EU promoters will try to circumvent rejection of the Lisbon Treaty by Ireland through Croatia accession treaty.
Although I'm a staunch supporter of the Lisbon treaty, I think it is a very bad strategy :
1) The rejection of the treaty is, in large part, a rejection of EU enlargement, especially since the ungrateful Irish, forgetful of the filthy poverty they were extracted from (I remember it !), don't want to share the fruits that EU lavished on them. So it is a very bad idea to sneak it in through an additional enlargement, especially, in my view, since Croatia, which fascist regime was one of the trigger of the war in Yugoslavia, has demonstrated that it cannot live peacefully with its neighbours and cannot subsequently join a club based on concord.
2) EU should not be "sneaked in". EU values require assertion. I am a proud federalist. I am not ashamed of lusting for more Europe, more integration.
The only solution to the rejection of EU progress is exclusion. Members who don't want to integrate with us should join another club. Not just a slower subset of the EU, but no EU at all ! So much with back-stabbing and snails. We want PROGRESS ! At the time when yet another war is raging in Europe, it is URGENT to sort out the countries that want a strong integrated Europe, including a strong defense and shared prosperity from those who want to remain neutral pigs. Let's kick them out now ! Please go see if it's better out there, I suggest the cosy post-soviet Independent States Community. And don't hesitate to report back !

La supériorité suédoise

Propos qui m'a été tenu par une haut fonctionnaire suédoise de la commission européenne, vivant à Bruxelles depuis 11 ans :
"La Belgique a 50 ans de retard de développement sur la Suède"
Moi : "Vous pensez sérieusement cela ? 50 ans c'est beaucoup. Pourtant, en tant que haut fonctionnaire européenne, vous devriez mieux connaître et apprécier les autres membres, c'est important pour s'intégrer, non ?"
Elle : "On ne peut pas s'intégrer avec des gens aussi arriérés"

Après vérification, le dernier indice de développement humain (IDH, défini par les Nations Unies) de la Suède est de 0.956, ce qui la place en 6ième position des nations du monde derrière l'Irlande, celui de la Belgique est de 0.946, ce qui la place en 16ième position (en recul relatif) mais devant le Luxembourg, la Nouvelle-Zélande, l'Italie, Hong-Kong et...l'Allemagne ! Si 1 centième font 50 ans de retard, alors l'Allemagne aurait plus de 150 ans de retard sur la Suède, ce qui est bien connu...
Je ne suis pas sûr que l'indice des Nations Unies prenne en compte le niveau de connerie, cependant...
Vive l'intégration européenne. Avec des fonctionnaires aussi xénophobes, c'est sûr, on va y arriver !

Je n'ai jamais autant entendu de stéréotypes nationaux et de propos xénophobes intra-européens que depuis que je réside à Bruxelles. Même dans la bouche de ceux qui sont précisément grassement payés pour les modérer. Les bras m'en tombent, tout simplement ! En tant qu'européen convaincu, je suis profondément choqué et je réclame des sanctions contres les fonctionnaires de l'Union anti-européens ou xénophobes !
Avec la sécession de la Belgique par dessus le marché, Bruxelles, avec ses bars et pubs qui distribuent la propagande anti-européenne de l'extrême droite britannique UKIP, sous couvert d'information aux couleurs de l'Europe, est en passe de devenir une honte pour l'intégration européenne. A l'heure d'une dramatique nouvelle guerre européenne en Géorgie, et après le drame Yougoslave, Bruxelles et la Belgique, mais aussi de nombreuses autres nations européennes, sont en train de démontrer à la face du monde, qu'il n'y a pas d'entente possible entre les peuples. Je suis dégoûté !

Quant à la Suède, je ne m'étonne plus des progrès de son extrême droite qui s'en prend aux Sami de Laponie.
J'ai d'ailleurs remarqué par le passé, en conversant avec des Suédois, pourtant grands donneurs de leçons de droits de l'homme, que la question Sami est complètement tabou. Le seul fait de mentionner les droits des Sami provoque instantanément leur colère. Autrefois, les Suédois aimaient bien s'en prendre aussi aux Finnois, qu'ils considèrent inférieurs. On a les Juifs qu'on peut.
Et on me dit constamment ici que les français sont chauvins...La France qui, soit dit en passant est 10ième en IDH, en hausse de 6 places et donc avec seulement 40 ans de retard sur ces surhommes de Suédois, selon cette fonctionnaire avisée. La France qui reste paradoxalement un des pays les plus pro-européens et l'un de ses bâtisseurs les plus actifs !
Vive la France !

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