Sep 12, 2008

The problem with Belgium : Bruno Waterfield in Brussels

Un fin observateur anglais, avec lequel je partage une bonne partie de mon analyse du problème belge...mais pas l'optimisme.
La force centrifuge de la séparation politique fondée sur la langue est bien trop forte. Le séparatisme est inscrit dans la constitution belge et pas seulement dans l'esprit pervers de quelques jusqu'au boutistes flamingants qui en tirent parti !
Bye bye Belgium...

systemic - New Horizons : The interstellar challenge

"We’re fortunate that we’ve arrived on the scene as a technological society right at the moment when a stellar system as interesting as Alpha Cen is in the very near vicinity. During the last interglacial period, Alpha Cen did not rank among the brightest stars in the sky. A hundred thousand years from now, the Alpha Cen stars will no longer be among our very nearest stellar neighbors, and in a million years, they will have long since faded from naked-eye visibility. At the moment, though, Alpha Centauri is drawing nearer at 25 km/sec, a clip similar to the Earth’s orbital velocity around the Sun. It’s as if we’re on the free trial period of an interstellar mission…"
Greg Laughlin on Alpha Centauri

Sacred Celtic aŭdas...

Sacred Celtic ridegas

La fin de la Belgique

Memokado - Mes idées cadeaux

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