Oct 30, 2006

Say no to tribalism and nationalism !

The decomposition of enlightened nations into obscurantist racist ethnically-linguistically-religiously (coin your own !)-defined tribes goes on with the independance of the ridiculous state of Montenegro, whose GDP is lower than most multinational mid-size companies turnover. Yet another corrupt puppet-state that will be bought by some US or maffia (or both) interests.
Yes, division within Europe benefits foreign interests. Guess whose ?
I say racist new tribes should not be admitted within the EU. Why should they live with us when they prove they are unable to live with each other ?
Accepting these secessionists as members of the EU is rewarding civil wars and ethnic cleansing.
No to Croatia and Montenegro in the EU !

What is next ? The Independant Republic of Igor and Natacha ?

Many people gave their lives to build nations where all citizens would be equal regardless of their ethnicity or religion instead of remaining obscurantist backward provinces wary of their neighbours. They must not have died in vain.

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