Jul 24, 2008

India's Dalit icon aims for top job !

if she is not assassinated by upper caste racists before reaching to the position...That's tremendous news ! Hurray !

Jul 23, 2008

Organized pedophilia by Mormons

I hope the bastard will get life in a hard Texas prison along with all his inbred hillbilly accomplices...

Jul 21, 2008


If you're desperate for authenticity, fun and emotion, instead of going to see "bienvenue chez les Chti's", go watch "Eldorado". I loved it! Belgium truer than reality, and the deep soul of men. Both desperate and heartening. Also learn why I detest the countryside.

Sacred Celtic aŭdas...

Sacred Celtic ridegas

La fin de la Belgique

Memokado - Mes idées cadeaux

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