Aug 21, 2008

Planets without metal cores may be bad for life - or not....

That's what I love about Science : each new discovery raises new questions and challenges to theories...

Aug 20, 2008

Kosovo illegal UN handover to EU and its consequences in Georgia

Yes, Georgia's President Saakashvili has been stupidly manipulated by both the USA and Russia. Of course, Russia won because, as experienced chess-players, they are better strategists than the stupidly manichean USians who haven't got a clue what the game is about, no more than they had in Iraq or Vietnam !
Yes Georgians have responsibility in starting ethnic cleansing against the Abkhaz, first under Stalin (who was a Georgian and victimized the Abkhaz), but also more recently, when Georgian troops seized and looted Sukhumi in 1992. Now the Abkhaz take a bitter revenge. Who will blame them ? Playing with fire...
But the main responsibility in this war falls on the EU : Georgia pays for the independance of Kosovo, which is both illegal and unfair to the Serbs, Kosovo being the historic heart of Serbia, from which they have been formerly ethnically cleansed by the Ottomans.
So now Russia exerts a legitimate revenge : EU endorsed historical ethnic cleansing in Kosovo ? Then the Russians find legitimate to ethnically cleanse Caucasus from Georgians, who were themselves ethnic cleansers...Now 200 000 people lost their home and land, never to return, as their villages have been systematically burnt down by Moscow's mercenaries. Who will take responsibility in the EU ? Where will the next domino fall in the continuing aftermath of the irresponsible fall of Yugoslavia, then endorsed by Germany and France ? And all the diplomatic theatrical over-activity deployed by Sarkozy and Merkel won't change that reality : both countries are historically responsible for this disaster !
Mr Sarkozy can't read, no more than GW Bush can. Can Angela Merkel ? Because I suggest they read a history book before confronting Russia...and playing with fire with these cunning Georgians.

I also suggest they learn to read twice the russian messages as I do. Here is the latest message by Russia's ambassador to Serbia, Alexander Konuzin :

"The latest bloody events [in Georgia], unfortunately, only proved us right," he added, when asked if Kosovo had enflamed Georgian separatists' calls for independence. "It is not ruled out that the Kosovo precedent will echo in other regions of the world as well."

It can't be clearer, can it ?

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