Dec 11, 2008

Exoplanet may harbour stormy skies : Nature News

OK, so let's summarize this :

We were first told Earth was flat and in any case unique, and that the Sun was unique and revolving around our flat Earth, then we were told that it was the opposite, then we were told that OK, there were millions of other stars but without planets, then we were told that OK, there are millions of planets but only giant ones, then we were told that OK, there are other near earth-size planets but with no trace of methane/carbon dioxide/water and then methane, then carbon dioxide then water are now said to be abundant on exoplanets.

What will they now tell us to deny the probability of zillions of forms of extra-terrestrial life ?

The truth is this : We just come progressively out of darkness. We were just blind, especially since we chose to be guided by blind and dumb quacks. Now that our telescopes become more accurate, we may as well kick their asses...

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