Nov 6, 2008

One more nail in the coffin of US war against drug production

When will they understand that war against drug production is totally inefficient and fosters corruption, fascism and crime and is a mere CIA tool for dirty-tricks aimed at keeping central America in control of US money interests ?
The solution is well-known : free production, that will slash market prices and exhaust the traffic's fuel : Money ! The market law should usefully be applied here, for once !
Time to re-read Raymond Kendall, Interpol's former Secretary General, who was already announcing the failure of the war on drugs in 2004 !

Nov 5, 2008

A most gracious defeat

John McCain acknowledged defeat in the most gracious manner. Not surprising from such a most remarkable man and honourable military officer.
I hail both Obama's victory and McGain grace. A formidable 2008 US presidential election indeed, that will wash the disgraceful stains of the 2004 edition !
The USA, at times, can be be the worst or the best democracy altogether...

Nov 2, 2008

Loving European integration when the going gets tough

So, like these selfish Irish who sought EU integration when they were dirt-poor but reject it when they're filthy rich (thanks to the integration !), now the Danes, who repeatedly snubbed the EURO want to join it as all Scandinavian currencies are crashing ?
What about "Scandinavian superiority" over what they used to call "Esperanto-money" or "Monkey-money" ?!?
Want to know what the monkeys think of you ? Fuck off ! Keep your monkey-crowns and choke on it !

Sacred Celtic aŭdas...

Sacred Celtic ridegas

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