Apr 26, 2009

BBC NEWS | South Asia | Disarray on Pakistan Taleban threat

Latest "Wa on terra" results :

Al Qaeda => 4 points (Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and now...Pakistan !)

Coalition of ignorance => 0 points

Exploration : une planète habitable ? - Science.gouv.fr

Gliese 581d est dans la zone d'habitabilité et contient probablement de l'eau liquide !

No to Iceland in EU and the Eurozone !

EU and the Eurozone are not safety nets for failed states. They didn't want us, and snubbed us when they were rich, why should we welcome them when they are ruined?
I am fed up with countries that consider the EU and the Eurozone as a bank. Keep out Iceland, Denmark, Croatia, Lithuania and out with Ireland, Czech republic and all others who want to take but never want to give back !
The EU is for mutual solidarity, not for pigs and beggars !

Sacred Celtic aŭdas...

Sacred Celtic ridegas

La fin de la Belgique

Memokado - Mes idées cadeaux

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