Jun 17, 2008

Super-Earths galore : One third of all suns hold super-earths !!!

"Clearly these planets are only the tip of the iceberg," says Mayor. "The analysis of all the stars studied with HARPS shows that about one third of all solar-like stars have either super-Earth or Neptune-like planets with orbital periods shorter than 50 days."

A planet in a tight, short-period orbit is indeed easier to find than one in a wide, long-period orbit.

"It is most probable that there are many other planets present: not only super-Earth and Neptune-like planets with longer periods, but also Earth-like planets that we cannot detect yet. Add to it the Jupiter-like planets already known, and you may well arrive at the conclusion that planets are ubiquitous," concludes Udry.

Thank you guys ! I love Europe !

Jun 16, 2008

5 new super-earths in 3 systems discovered !

it is now confirmed that it was not a hoax, eventually.
This is the most tremendous discovery since Gliese 581c and I am proud to be about one of the first exoplanet-news-watcher to announce it and to have detected the news leak before ! Even BBC doesn't know it yet ;-)

Vive les patates !

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