Aug 10, 2008

Asserting EU

Latest news suggest that the EU promoters will try to circumvent rejection of the Lisbon Treaty by Ireland through Croatia accession treaty.
Although I'm a staunch supporter of the Lisbon treaty, I think it is a very bad strategy :
1) The rejection of the treaty is, in large part, a rejection of EU enlargement, especially since the ungrateful Irish, forgetful of the filthy poverty they were extracted from (I remember it !), don't want to share the fruits that EU lavished on them. So it is a very bad idea to sneak it in through an additional enlargement, especially, in my view, since Croatia, which fascist regime was one of the trigger of the war in Yugoslavia, has demonstrated that it cannot live peacefully with its neighbours and cannot subsequently join a club based on concord.
2) EU should not be "sneaked in". EU values require assertion. I am a proud federalist. I am not ashamed of lusting for more Europe, more integration.
The only solution to the rejection of EU progress is exclusion. Members who don't want to integrate with us should join another club. Not just a slower subset of the EU, but no EU at all ! So much with back-stabbing and snails. We want PROGRESS ! At the time when yet another war is raging in Europe, it is URGENT to sort out the countries that want a strong integrated Europe, including a strong defense and shared prosperity from those who want to remain neutral pigs. Let's kick them out now ! Please go see if it's better out there, I suggest the cosy post-soviet Independent States Community. And don't hesitate to report back !

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