Aug 12, 2008

Silly european tribalism

This is getting really ridiculous ! So 27 000 inhabitants from Aland are going to seek veto and representation in the EU ? What about Paris with 10 Million ? What about Brittany with 3.5 million ? What about my hometown and Brittany's capital city of 250 000 ? What about all its individual surrounding villages, larger than Aland ?
How ridicule are we europeans going to be when a WAR is currently raging in Georgia on which EU is unable to weigh any influence for lack of unity ?
And I can't buy property or own a business on their tiny islands ?!? And you tell me they're part of EU nevertheless ? What is that contradiction with the very principles of the EU ?
Just fucking kick the rednecks and all these hillbillies out !
As for Finland, they should as well kick them out of Finland as well and get a rest.

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