May 3, 2008

They want to steal our consumer rights !

The most potent power that we are left with in a capitalist society is the power to choose what we buy and who we buy from.
However, in this most free-market economy that I evolve in, this is the 3d time I want to buy a pair of shoes and that I can't find where the shoes have been made in...Neither within the shoes, neither under the soles, nor on the box. I asked the salesman once, and he looked at me like I was a complete idiot, thinking : "who the fuck cares where shoes are made in ?". Obviously HE didn't. Well, guess what ? I DO! And if I was the only one to care I would continue to care anyway. Indeed, it is my choice not to buy shoes from countries and brands that exploit children, that have no workers unions, where there is no democracy and where there is no freedom of choice. So, no, I won't buy your shoes made in China, even though 90% are made in China and even though you hide it, and even though you try to cheat me and abuse my consumer rights by tagging them "styled in Italy", which they do now, if you happen to ignore it ! "Styled in Italy" actually reads "Made in China although we want to hide it from you and we think you are an idiot" and is a gross abuse of EU regulations. I am fed up with it, and although this stupid salesman will never understand why I didn't buy a pair of shoes I fancied from his shop, I will let them know, one way or another, that THIS IS MY RIGHT AND I WILL DEFEND IT !
I don't boycott chinese products just because of inhuman treatment of tibetans, I boycott chinese products also because the chinese government systematically represses trade-unions, jails environment activists and tries to deceit ME as a consumer !

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