Apr 28, 2008

"Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis"

I usually hate popular movies, and I always hate that people who have no cinematographic culture at all come and tell what an idiot I am that I didn't go and see the one and only movie that they've seen at the cinema in a year and that they deem 'brilliant'. Meanwhile I've seen a dozen, and I just dont tell them about it...
They usually back their enthusiasm with phrases like "but everybody has seen it except you !". Well, yes, that is why I am an individual and not a sheep, thank you…
"Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis" is the latest such sensation in France and other (limited) french-speaking parts of Europe. The success cocktail, designed by the best marketeers, follows the traditional recipe : Cheap burlesque mockery, a bit of emotion, easy to remember catch phrases...
And you want to know what ? I don't need any of this...I don't need cheap jokes or emotions because I can hear or see they're cheap, so even if I tried my best, it wouldn't work.
Call me a snob if you like,I don't give a damn.
By the way, the film was shot in a flemish-speaking village that doesn't speak "Ch'ti" at all, so the whole "Northern identity revival" bullshit is stained as it overlooked the cultural diversity of the North of France. The director had to apologise to the flemish-speaking community...what an idiot !
And yes, Lille is one of my favourite french cities anyway...it rocks !

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