May 12, 2008

Who is Sacred Celtic ?

Following numerous questions about my identity and my pseudo, I decided to reveal more information about myself: Sacred Celtic defines himself as a European citizen of French culture and education. He advocates European federalism against the division of tribes and nations, because as a Celt, he knows very well that divided tribes always fell prey to empires (Gauls to Romans, Irish and Scots to English, Russian principalities to Mongols, ...)

So Sacred Celtic is a Celt ? Well, mainly. Like all French people, a lot of different genes combined to form Sacred Celtic, with probably a large chunk of Gaul blood, ie Celt blood, but also Flemish, Jewish, German, Roman, Spanish, Italian, probably Hun and possibly Arab...The French never were an ethnic group, they are citizens of a nation that doesn't define itself by blood right.

Sacred Celtic what ? Well...err...Sacred Celtic nothing. "Sacred Celtic frog" if you're English, but Sacred Celtic speaks for himself. Sacred Celtic is a male.

Is Sacred Celtic pagan ? No, Sacred Celtic is 200% atheist although he doesn't advocate atheism, out of respect. Raised in a catholic environment by a catholic father and an atheist or possibly agnostic mother, Sacred Celtic respects all respectable religions and creeds in their tolerant forms and associated cult places and religious events : Animism, Buddhism, Christianism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Shintoism, Taoism, Totemism, Zoroastrianism...So you will never hear Sacred Celtic sullying or desecrating religions and he doesn't take anti-clerical bigotry.
But Sacred Celtic doesn't respect extremist form of religions intolerant to others as well as commercial scams, pseudo-religions or pseudo-sciences such as Scientology, Moonism, Creationism or Nutritiono-energizingo-Shakra bullshit.
Sacred Celtic is a rational scientist and evolutionist and always reminds everybody that Science is not a creed but a method.

So what is so Sacred about Sacred Celtic ? Well, life is so am I not part of it ^^?

So why is Sacred Celtic named Sacred Celtic ?

A Pictish girlfriend who Sacred Celtic cherishes helped Sacred Celtic find this name, encasing its hidden secret forever.

Where does Sacred Celtic reside ?
He resides in cosmopolitan Bruxelles, part capital city of the European Union and part capital city of soon-to-secede-and-disappear Belgium, at the border between Latinity and Germanity.
From this unique viewpoint, Sacred Celtic decided in 2004 to systematically document and report the 21st century ethnic explosion of Europe.

Is Sacred Celtic a guest in Bruxelles ? No, Sacred Celtic is in Bruxelles of his own choice and because it is his full right.

Addendum :
I'm also frequently being asked whether I like Bruxelles. Yes and no. Bruxelles is a very ugly and derelict urban mess, caused by tasteless sovereigns and federalism that sucks the money out of the city, which explains why Bruxelles streets are never cleaned and rubbish is collected only twice a week.
Bruxelles has however retained a lot of charm, with magnificent Art Nouveau buildings and houses (among which many are left to rot by its inept government), beautiful parks and the palpable presence of its numerous exiled ghosts from the romanticist past...
Bruxelles is also a great Arts scene, much more accessible than Paris.
So Sacred Celtic critically appreciates his home city.

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