Apr 22, 2008

Why I wish Obama will be the next US president

Although I read 2 of his recent biographies in magazines, I must admit I still know little of Barack OBAMA, especially since, as a European, I feel quite disconnected from a half-USian/half-African who grew up in Indonesia and looks like a Harlem preacher.
So why should I wish him to be elected ?
First, just because he is different, just because he grew up abroad, precisely because his mother was a marginal academic turned towards the world, I think OBAMA can cure the number one US illness : Ignorance of the outside world. Surely a guy with such a mother will not candidly believe that he can turn the muslim world into instant democracies just by snapping his fingers...hopefully ! It can't be worse than it is now anyway, for that matter. And if he also believes such nonsense, I won't give a damn any more...
Second, because he is black, and not any black, but a half-African USian, his election would be a shock wave to the world, and especially to the third world, which resents so much the US policies of the last 2 centuries. It will bring the tremendous message to the world that colour doesn't matter anymore, to Africans, to black USians but also to the Caribbean, Central & South America, Asia and...the Muslim world ! And this by far exceeds the symbol that electing a woman would represent. If they haven't held it for themselves yet, women have already shared power in the USA, which is especially true in the case of Hillary Clinton. Coloured people haven't.
The day OBAMA is elected, anti-US activism and subsequent terrorism will plummet, simply because most of it arises from racial or cultural resentment. Africans, Middle-Easterners or South American Indians don't feel 'connected' to the USA. OBAMA's election will suddenly change that dramatically.
Finally, if Barack OBAMA doesn't sound very experienced, he sounds generous, and we can only hope that the vast corruption that currently pervades the USA will be curbed under his presidency and that poor people to which he already dedicated much of his time and energy will eventually have decent healthcare.

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